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Application Letters

Application Letters

Express Resumes will provide you with Affordable, professional Application Letters.

professional application letters

Your application letter could be as important if not more important than your resume as it will often be the first impression a decision maker will have of you. Not only does it provide the opportunity to highlight your achievements, skills, qualifications and experience, it enables you to articulate your interest in the employer’s business/industry and how you can make a contribution.

As part of your job-search toolkit you could have a few different types of letters; such as:

  • Application letters – Used when responding to advertised positions.
  • Broadcast letters – To be used to send directly to employers and recruitment companies.
  • Networking letters – Use this to connect with people in your network who might be able to assist with your job-search.
  • Thank you and follow up letters – Can be very useful when following up after interviews.


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