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I have a social work degree from the University of Queensland, a Certificate IV in Life Coaching and have worked in the employment field for the last 12yrs. In this time I have held various, but these roles have always maintained the duty of writing new résumés and altering existing résumés to tailor them in a way that it presents the best possible representation of their skills and attributes to the employer to achieve the best possible outcome towards success.


Express Résumés Mount Mansfield aim is to achieve the best possible outcome for jobseekers through writing high class professional résumés.  I view this approach as though I am the reader of the document and pin point aspects that will appeal to that particular employer. It is also my intention to empower my clients to fulfil their lives to their full potential.


To achieve this they must find an employment position that they will enjoy, unfortunately these days those particular positions can be scarce, therefore you need to have an advantage over you competition. A big part of getting the position want is by have a professionally produced résumé to give you this advantage.


Express Résumés Mount Mansfield have an excellent eye for detail, we produce well-structured and concise résumés that will stand out from the competition. We include important crucial points which will leap out and grab the employer’s attention straight away.


If you to succeed in the job market and you think you will need this tool in your job search application kit.


Contact Shane Breen on 1300 EXPRESS and discuss your needs and options on how to make a big difference in getting that initial interview.

Express Résumés Writing Mount Mansfield is available to service all of Brisbane.

Shane Resume Writer