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Application Letters

Your application letter could be as important if not more important than your resume as it will often be the first impression a decision maker will have of you. Not only does it provide the opportunity to highlight your achievements, skills, qualifications and experience, it enables you to articulate your interest in the employer’s business/industry and how you can make a contribution.

Selection Criteria Responses

When applying for public sector positions you will most likely be required to address selection criteria which will generally include the skills, experience, personal qualities and qualifications required to competently perform the duties and responsibilities of the role.

Addressing selection criteria can be quite time-consuming and requires a certain degree of skill. Some of our members have substantial experience with the preparation of selection criteria responses and can assist you with your next public sector application.

Typing Services

Writing unique content, Transcription and copying content is something that is very time and effort consuming as well as excessively tedious, so it’s no surprise that it’s so unpopular and reviled by so many people. For one thing, copying or transcribing something requires considerable typing skills, if you are transcribing someone speaking then you have to be able to keep up with speech with your typing, and if you’re just copying written content then if you want to be able to complete with any sort of speed and accuracy you have to maintain these typing skills as well, and few people have the ability to type with this speed and maintain accuracy, but this is where our professional typing service comes in, we have a team of experienced and skilled professionals who can help with all your typing and content requirements.

Professional Resume & CV Writing Services

When we work with you we will tailor our service to suit your particular circumstance. If you have an existing resume, it might be that some minor editing is all that is required or it might need some additional content or reformatting.

If it requires a complete revamp we can work with you to develop a document which will showcase your special qualities, minimise the impact of potentially detrimental factors and promote you as the best candidate for the job.