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So, you’ve found the perfect job on SEEK or one of the many job sites.  Having read the advertisement your excitement peaks as you can tick off all the minimum requirements easily.  This job is written especially for you, or so you think.  After excitedly submitting your Resume, you sit back and wait for what you believe to be the inevitable phone call.  But……… never comes.

Now the reasons behind your rejection could be many, or, perhaps as many people are finding in the modern job market that their ‘brand’ is tarnished.

So, what does having a tarnished brand actually mean?

In years past, recruitment specialists and employers in general would make an assessment of a prospective employee by reviewing their Resume, speaking with referees and undertaking an interview.

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Today, the interview is often the last step in an extensive list of stages each candidate must progress through.  Some stages the candidate may not even be aware of!  In addition to those usual stages previously mentioned, recruitment specialists may also use various behavioural and psychometric testing, questionnaires, practical assessments and so forth.

Now, getting back to tarnished brands, it is also standard for recruitment specialists and prospective employers to undertake a range of on-line searches for any information about you.  So, depending on your own privacy settings and those of your connections, employers will be looking at Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and many other social media platforms and sites which may contain information about you or contain information placed by you.

Therefore, those less than polite comments about former employers or colleagues may come back to bite you.  Also, comment you may have placed on an organisations blog about a cause you support, but may be in conflict or be inconsistent with the values of your prospective employer, may be noticed.

Your internet footprint often tells a story about you that may be very different to the positive glowing image portrayed in your Resume.  That footprint may also tarnish your brand in the eyes of a prospective employer, whether you deserve it or not!  Think carefully before clicking ‘Enter’ as that ill thought out comment you just posted may cost you a job and a lot of money.

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Anthony Ferro