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Applicant tracking systems – recruitment and resume management software – candidate screening software.

These terms and others all essentially relate to software used by recruitment agencies and larger employers as part of their recruitment management processes.  So what does all that mean???

Without boring you to death with a quick course in Resume writing 101, lets stick with the basics.  Most larger employers and the recruitment industry in general use some form of screening software.

According to professional Resume writer Anthony Ferro – “Whether you submit your application for that terrific job you’ve been salivating about via Seek, Domain, other ‘job search’ websites, or directly to the employer, the chances are your application (Resume and Covering Letter) will be scanned by the software.  The software essentially scores your application according to the criteria set by the employer.  If your application doesn’t score high enough or match the criteria close enough it gets screened out and it is unlikely to be viewed by a set of human eyes.”

So, the objective of your Resume writing, or that of the professional writer you engage to write it for you, is to consider the screening software in addition to writing a document with a ‘visual wow factor’.

How, you ask?  We’ll cover that and other strategies in future.  However, to get you thinking about it, try reading the job advertisement carefully and highlighting key words relevant to the particular job, and consider how to use them in your Resume.

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